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Jake And Max

Who We Are

The Owner

Founder Jake Barbour grew up in the earthwork business. He began his career as a teenager working for his grandfather George C. Hall. Intrigued by the business he went on to get a degree in Civil Engineering from Northeastern University. Twenty-five years later he has grown his own business and crack team of experts in all aspects of earthwork. Jake and his team have worked with every major builder and engineering firm in the area and a number of governmental agencies.

Jake Barbour is a successful businessman and an active member of his community. Jake serves on the Board of Directors of the Penobscot Bay Chamber of Commerce. Jake also is part owner of the Rockland Amatos and owns and manages apartments in Rockland.

The Crew

Our team is just that, a team. Our five foremen have a combined work experience in excess of one hundred years. Each foreman manages crews based on the needs of the job. Job teams include service oriented and skilled members that are chosen for the right skills for the right job. They pride themselves on meeting and exceeding the expectations of the agencies, contractors, home-owners and business owners who are our customers.

The Office Staff

Field teams need an office staff they can rely on. Our office staff is proud to take your call or greet you when you stop by. We are happy to provide an estimate for your job regardless of size. Dedicated estimating and project management our one of our core skills! In addition we pride ourselves on our detailed record keeping and billing; every job is tracked and reviewed against its project plan.

JBI Office Staff - Angie     JBI Office Staff - Thatcher